TG Requests – CLOSED

Not sure if there is anyone out there, but if there is I’m open to doing some TG Requests.

A few ground rules before you submit your request:

  1. No underage captions. Everything has to be 19+.
  2. You can give me a brief description of what you’d like or I can pick for you.
  3. No personal photos. I’ll choose the pictures for the request.

If there is anyone interested please let me know in the comments or send me an email ( I’ll do the first 5 requests that I get. After that requests will be closed and re-opened at some point in the future.

Thanks for being a fan!

Update: The Caption Request is now closed.

The following five requests have been chosen from comments and email:

  • John Sinclair (5-March-2023)
  • Taylor (9-March-2023)
  • Lawrence (11-March-2023)
  • Justin (12-March-2023)
  • Steven (13-March-2023)

I’ll update the post once the captions are completed and I’ve decided on what date to post them.



9 thoughts on “TG Requests – CLOSED”

  1. John Sinclair

    A woman reveals to her boyfriend that she was born a boy, but her parents wanted a daughter so they raised her as a girl from birth.

  2. Happy to see you’ve opened requests! I’d love a caption about a slacker type whose parents got sick of him not working/going to school and sent him to a sissy academy. Thanks Gwyneth 🙂

  3. Justin is a 21 year old boy who wanted to be a girl forever but his religious beliefs don’t allow him to be the person who he has to be. 1 day he walks past a synagogue and he decides to go in.

  4. Thanks for all the requests. With the requests in comments and email, I have a total of five so I’ll be closing the requests for this week.

    For those of you that have made a request, I’ll try to have them all done by Sunday.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Justin!

      I put the dates I will be posting everyone’s caps on the main post. I will be posting yours on Sunday (12-March).

      It’s a bit of a wait, but the caps take a while to do so I hop you don’t mind the wait.


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