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TG Shorts


After uncovering her boyfriend’s infidelity, Sandra meticulously orchestrates a plan for revenge. Utilizing hypnosis and feminization, Kurt is forced to work as her unpaid model, much to Kurt’s ultimate shame and anger.

Final Thoughts

Here’s my second TG Shorts video. I did this in a different style, using video instead of pictures. Which style does everyone prefer?


“Okay, let’s take a look, Kurt.” Janice instructed, eagerly awaiting her boyfriend’s emergence from the bathroom. She watched as he unsteadily walked to the bed, wearing heels and a rather daring mini skirt. His small, yet perky prosthetic breasts bounced with every step, prompting an involuntary smirk from Janice.

Noticing her reaction, Kurt’s face flushed red, earning a follow-up laugh from his girlfriend. “Really, Janice?” he asked, indignation evident in his voice. “Do I look passable or not? Because I’m about ready to call this off.”

“Relax, pumpkin.” she soothed, her grin persistent. “You look good. And remember, you only have to be a secretary until you can land a job as a man.”

As Janice guided him gently to the car, Kurt couldn’t help but wonder how long it would take him find a real job. However, as the day progressed and he noticed the increasing attention from other men, his worry grew deeper and more urgent… but so too, did Janice’s amusement.

Final Thoughts

Just starting to get the site back in order and here is the first TG Caption. Hope you all enjoy it.