TG Caption – Bridesmaid

TG Caption


Greg is asked by his sister to fill in for a bridesmaid who sprained her ankle.

TG Caption

“Relax babe. You’re all tense for some reason.” Greg whispered into my ear as his big hand secured itself around my waist. “You’re doing great by the way. Nobody at the wedding has said anything about you except to ask who that pretty bridesmaid is.”

“Shut the fuck up Greg.” I whispered fiercely back at him. Putting on a fake smile, I posed with the best man as the wedding’s photographer took a picture. “And don’t call me babe ever again. I’m only dressed like this because one of my sister’s bridesmaids sprained her ankle. It’s not like I’m enjoying myself.”

“Could have fooled me, Sophia.” He grinned, enjoying himself. “I definitely felt a little something extra poking into my groin as we slow danced earlier… or am I just imagining things?”

“Sophia!” The bride yelled, thankfully interrupting the conversation. “We are leaving for the…” She paused, noticing my red face. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing.” I replied sweetly. “Nothing at all.”

Final Thoughts

Hope you all enjoyed this caption. I think I’m going to mix in some old style (classic) TG Captions to complement this style of captions. Expect that in a week or so once I create a new template for them. Thanks!

-Gwyneth Silver

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