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A man masquerades as a woman to seduce and steal from his victims. But will he be feminine enough to achieve his goals?

TG Caption

Immediately after I stepped through the front door, everyone in the bar paused what they were doing to sneak a peak at me. It was the same reaction every time, men couldn’t take their eyes off me while the women tried their best not to sneer in jealousy.

As I walked slowly, seductively, to an empty stool at the bar, I couldn’t help but look down and smile mischievously. To everyone here I was the epitome of feminine perfection, but that little something extra hiding beneath my skirt was anything but feminine. But no one needed to know that. I wasn’t here at the bar, all dolled up to hook up with some random man… or woman for that matter. Well, I was, just not in the way most people would expect.

Sitting down on a stool, I slowly crossed my legs and waited for my next victim. In no time at all I was engaged in a conversation with an average looking man wearing a Rolex. Softly caressing his arm, I asked. “You gonna buy this girl a drink sweetie?”

“You bet babe.” He replied, a big grin on his face as he called the bartender over. “A bottle of your best wine for the lady.”

Noticing the outline of an erect cock straining against the man’s jeans, I couldn’t help but think how easy this was going to be. In the morning he’d wake up in a hotel room wondering where he was. And I’d be back home with another Rolex to add to my collection.

Final Thoughts

Thought I’d write in a different perspective for this one. Let me know what you think!

-Gwyneth Silver

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