TG Caption – Feminized Escort

TG Caption
TG Caption


Steven requires an upgrade to his feminized appearance so he can make more money as an escort. He hopes Emily can help him achieve his goal of feminine perfection.

TG Caption

“Hi Steven!” Emily greeted warmly. “Right on time as usual!”

“Hey Emily.” Steven smiled back, reverting to his male voice. Emily was one of the few people that knew he was really a man and as such, he felt comfortable enough to be himself around her. Placing his left hand on his hip, he struck a pose. “I’m here for an upgrade.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right place sweetie.” She giggled, stepping up to him and teasingly fingering the zipper on the leather skirt he was wearing. “My my don’t you look sexy today. What’s the occasion?”

“As if you don’t know.” Steven laughed back, giving a spin so she could get a better look at his outfit. “One of my clients requested that I wear a leather skirt for him tonight.”

“Well, you look amazing as always babe. What do you need from me?”

“Umm, I was hoping to upgrade my girls here.” He said softly, cupping his fake breasts. Embarrassed, he continued. “I’m already making a killing as an escort… but I’ve noticed that the other girls with bigger boobs get better tips. You think you could help me out?”

“Of course I can sweetie.” She smirked, thinking about all the money she was about to make off of him. “And with your new breast forms you’ll need some new bras and panties too. You know, just in case your clients decide to pay for ‘the special’ I know you regularly offer them.”

Final Thoughts

Hope you all enjoyed this one. Nothing like a good ol escort caption to get the creative juices flowing. Next cap on Wednesday!

-Gywneth Silver

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  1. I just love this style skirt, leather with a zipper in the front. If only I could become a female,
    this would be one of my first purchases after lingerie! It is so sexy!!! Zoe

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