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Andrew feminized himself to avoid giving his gold-digging wife half of his fortune. But will his disguise be good enough to avoid being caught?

TG Caption

“Well well, if it isn’t my long lost husband.” Sandra smiled sweetly, stopping next to Andrew who was window shopping for a new dress. Watching in satisfaction as her now feminized husband turned around to gawk at her, she quickly added. “Oh, and I wouldn’t try to buy anything, all your assets were just frozen until the courts decide who gets what. Just thought I’d let you know… out of courtesy and all.”

“Sandra.” Andrew paused, not knowing where to begin. It had been over two years since he saw his gold-digging wife and he for sure wasn’t expecting this. “If you just let me explain…”

“No need, I’ll sum it up for you.” She laughed, clearly enjoying her moment of triumph. “You thought you could avoid giving me half of your fortune by disappearing and changing your identity.” She paused, gesturing up and down at his now feminized body. “But I never thought you’d stoop to this level. You may look like a woman, but you are a snake. There’s no avoiding me now, bitch!”

Andrew was caught and he knew it. So instead of going on the defensive, he went on the attack. “Whatever you silly cow. I’m more of a woman then you ever were.” Holding out his hand, he revealed a very expensive engagement ring. “Unlike you, I know how to make a man feel like a king.” He paused, throwing a smirk at his wife. “And my king is one of the best lawyers in town. So go fuck yourself!”

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Thinking about doing some TG Requests. If anyone has a request, by all means leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do. Thanks!

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