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Sarah convinces James to pretend to be a woman to make money on Only Fans. But can James control his secret desires as he models a french maid outfit?

TG Caption

“Hurry up James!” Sarah yelled from the bedroom. “We have four more outfits for you to model and countless more photos to take.”

“I’m coming!” James yelled back, frustrated with the maid outfit his friend had picked out for him. “I’m having trouble with this stupid bow!”

“Let me see that.” Sarah giggled, walking into the bathroom and taking the apron strings from his hands. “There.” She said firmly, taking a step back to inspect her handy work. “You look amazing James, and no one is going to able to tell that you’re really a man. We’re going to make a ton of cash on Only Fans.”

“If you say so.” James mumbled, trying his best to hide his growing arousal. All the new sensations, from the way the stockings were caressing his legs and the heavenly feel of the satin panties Sarah had given him… it was all driving him mad with desire. Casting a quick glance at Sarah, he noticed her smirking at him. She knew! His face going red in embarrassment, he turned around and did his best to tuck himself back in.

Final Thoughts

Hope you all enjoyed this one. Nothing like a classic french maid cap to get the creative juices flowing. Oh, I’m thinking about doing some TG Requests, anyone interested?

-Gwyneth Silver

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