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Chen becomes a woman to avoid being captured. But when his crimes catch up to him, he’s forced to take things one step further, to become a housewife.

TG Caption

Chen was part of a crack team of thieves that had gotten very good at their craft. They were so good that they had decided to target a very high profile, yet privately owned art gallery. They were successful of course and had made a killing selling each piece on the black market. But what they didn’t know was that art gallery was owned by a billionaire. A billionaire that was hell bent on revenge.

One by one Chen’s associates had disappeared until he was the only one left. For the first time in his life, he was legitimately scared. He knew that if he wanted to grow old enough to enjoy the fruits of his labour then he’d have to take drastic measures. So he did something that his deceased associates had never thought of, he became a woman.

He had figured that he would be safe as a woman. But he had underestimated the man that was looking for him. Fortunately for him, he had been tipped off that they were coming for him. Ever the survivor, he decided that he would have to get married. He didn’t relish the idea of getting married, but the cover it would provide him would keep him safe. With his thoughts solidifying into a plan, he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be another man’s housewife.

Final Thoughts

Dying a man or becoming another man’s housewife. What would you choose?

-Gwyneth Silver

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