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TG Caption


Max accepts a job as a secretary to steal company secrets. While he is able to turn himself into a convincing woman, it will take more then a cute outfit and a sweet smile to fool his new boss.

TG Caption

“I take it you’re the new secretary.” Megan asked, watching as the new girl walked into her office. Checking her out, Megan couldn’t help but smile in appreciation. “At least this time they sent me someone with fashion sense. I love the green purse.”

“Oh thank you so much.” Max said sweetly, offering his hand to Megan. “I’m Sophia by the way.”

“Well Sophia, let’s get down to business. I hired you as my personal secretary because according to your resume, you have the credentials I am looking for.” She paused, picking up a big stack of folders and handing it over. “I want these completely vetted and ready to go by the end of the day.”

As Max sat down at his desk and began his work, he couldn’t help but smile to himself at how easily he had fooled his new boss. Granted, it had taken a lot of practice to learn how to look and act the part of a woman, but it had totally paid off. Now, all he had to do was locate the files his real client had paid him a fortune to steal. He couldn’t wait to be a man again!

But Max was in for a rude awakening. Megan knew from the very beginning that ‘Sophia’ was really Max, and she was not going to let her new secretary out of her grasps. Those plans included blackmail and all sorts of embarrassing, emasculating games.

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