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Sam allows his girlfriend to feminize him in order to create an Only Fans side hustle. But does his girlfriend still consider him a man?

TG Caption

“Look at me Jess!” Sam cried, pulling down the top of his dress and hiking up the skirt. “I’m a walking wet dream for crying out loud. I can’t even walk ten steps without a man either looking at my ass or staring at my tits” He emphasized by squishing his ample breasts together. “I’m sorry. I know how much time and effort you put into this, but I’m tired of pretending to be a woman half the time. Besides, you must be tired of seeing your boyfriend prancing around like some fairy all the time.”

“First off.” Jess paused, trying to hide her amusement but failing miserably as a smirk spread across her face. “Let’s be honest with each other. You make a far better woman then you ever did as a man. That was one of the reasons I asked you to go into this side hustle with me. You look so realistic as a woman that no one should have been able to tell that you were really a man. And you know I’m right. Your Only Fans page was a hit and we started raking in the money within a month.” Trying again not to burst into laughter at the simpering little bitch her boyfriend had become, she continued. “And even though your true identity got out and there was all that big drama with your family… our Only Fans got even more popular.” She paused again, hoping that Sam never found out that it was her that had leaked that info. “Now, let’s finish up the photo shoot and I’ll allow you to show me how much of a man you still are.”

Trying to muster up some manly composure, Sam looked down at his breasts and realized that wouldn’t be possible. “Fine, you win Jess.”

Final Thoughts

Went back to the original TG Caption format with this one. I think I’ll rotate between different styles from now on. What do you all think?

-Gwyneth Silver

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