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Ethan tries to get back into the banking world by masquerading as a woman. But will success as a woman banker be worth the price to his masculine pride?

TG Caption

“I told you I could do it.” Kim beamed, eying her handywork up and down. “Stand up sweetie and take a look in the mirror.”

Standing up awkwardly from his chair as he still wasn’t used to wearing heels, Ethan took a good look at himself. I don’t believe it.” He whispered, shocked at his appearance. “Kim, I think this may actually work.”

“Oh, it will babe.” Kim giggle, enjoying herself quite a bit. It wasn’t often she got to turn a man into a woman after all. “And before you ask. I have everything you’re going to need. Let’s see here.” She paused, going through the list that Ethan had emailed her. “Panties, bras, skirt suits and business dresses. Oh, and the lingerie.” She paused, looking Ethan in the eyes and smirking mischievously. “You’re gonna make quite the girly girl.”

“Well.” Ethan replied, going a deep red and purposefully avoiding eye contact. Crossing his arms around his waist, he regained his composure before continuing. “You make one small mistake in the banking world and your blacklisted for life. But this is my second chance Kim. A chance to start over, even if it is as a woman. So yeah, I’ll be the best god dam girly girl I can be until I get where I want to be.” He paused again, trying to regain his masculine pride. “But just you remember, I’m still a man underneath all of this.”

Final Thoughts

Been awhile but I’m back again! Hope you enjoy the secretary cap!

-Gwyneth Silver

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