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Mark’s tuck job becomes undone as he is pretending to be a female model at a catalogue shoot.

TG Caption

“That’s it sweetie, hold that pose.” Amy smiled, taking photo after photo of the beautiful model in front of her. Taking a look at her camera screen, she gave a low whistle of appreciation. These are gonna look great in my catalogue.”

“Glad to hear it.” Mark smiled awkwardly, resting his hands on his knees and bending over to relieve some of the pain in his back. The heels Amy had picked out for him were killing him!

“Ok!” Amy beamed excitedly glancing up from her camera. “We just have a couple more dresses to try on and…” She paused, noticing that her model’s stocking tops were showing and what appeared to be an obvious outline of a penis straining against the dress. “Umm, Samantha.” She said awkwardly, coughing and looking away. “You might want to umm, readjust your undergarments if you know what I mean.”

“Oh shit!” Mark exclaimed, accidently reverting to his male voice. Realizing his mistake, he looked down in embarrassment. “I can explain.” He paused, not bothering to revert back to his female voice. “I get more modeling work as a female and…”

“No need to explain babe.” Amy smiled mischievously. “Lets just get this job done and we can talk about this later, over dinner.”

Final Thoughts

Here’s my latest work, hope you enjoy it!

-Gwyneth Silver

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