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Ed must go to work as a woman for a week because of his past transgressions.

TG Caption

With Katherine guiding Ed by the hand, they passed the security guard at reception before heading into the elevator. It was like Ed could feel the guard’s eyes on him as he walked past him on his high heels. It made him think about what had landed him in this situation in the first place. He had always had a less than stellar reputation, but apparently slapping a woman on the ass was grounds for firing. But HR had proposed another option for him, an option that would have him come to work as a woman for a week.

“I feel like an idiot.” Ed stated, placing a hand on his hip and glaring at Katherine, the woman who had volunteered to give him his feminine makeover. Stepping into the elevator, he continued “And I don’t know how you real girls wear heels all day. It’s only been an hour and my feet are killing me!”

“Real girls huh?” Katherine laughed, eying her co-worker up and down. “If you ask me Ed, not only do you look like a real girl, but a dam sexy one at that… now come on.” She paused, roughly pushing him out of the elevator to a waiting group of giggling women. “All the women you harassed are dying to see what the big bad Ed looks like in a dress and heels… and I think a few of the men do as well!”

Final Thoughts

Here’s a quick cap for your enjoyment!

-Gwyneth Silver

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  1. I hope Edie is ready for some steamy office romance! She’s definitely joined the secretarial pool, so that means, besides fetching coffee and sorting through papers, she has…duties to the men around her. Slaps on the ass are just the beginning ;). Honestly, I’m jealous!

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