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Ann finds her long lost ex-boyfriend. But he doesn’t look exactly like she remembered!

TG Caption

“Over here Ann!” Jim exclaimed, using his perfected feminine voice. Smiling as his ex-girlfriend cast a confused look his way, he broke the ice and continued in his more natural, masculine voice. “It’s me, Jim.” He laughed loudly, fluffing out the skirt of his dress and flashing her an award-winning smile. “What do you think of my new dress?”

“Your dress.” Ann whispered, shocked and at a loss for words. Regaining her composure, she paused and looked him up and down, a smirk forming on her face. “No wonder my private investigators never found you. Well, you never were a man in my eyes. This actually suits you much better.” She laughed, gesturing to his body. “Now I can call you the thieving bitch that you really are. I want my half of the lottery winnings and I want it now!”

Ignoring the insult, Jim continued to smile condescendingly. “You were such a lousy girlfriend Ann.” He sighed loudly, standing up and grabbing his purse. Giving a little twirl so that the skirt of his dress flared out, he gave a little giggle before continuing. “And for the record, the man you sent after me did find me. But let’s just say I make a better woman then you in more than one way.” He finished, slowly licking his lips mischievously. “And Paul there.” He paused, pointing to the man that Ann had hired to find him and that was slowly walking towards them. “Is now my personal bodyguard. And if he gets wind that you’re looking for me… let’s just say that you’ll regret it.”

Final Thoughts

Hoped you like this one. I’m going to try for three captions a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Enjoy!

-Gwyneth Silver

2 thoughts on “TG Caption – Shocked”

  1. Have Paul find out that Ann hired another investigator to track Jim down but the investigator is a woman; so he hypnotizes her into thinking that he is Jim and when he gets to Ann he hypnotiZes the both of them into thinking that they’re lesbian’s.

  2. Please write a caption on how this guy is forced into being a girl by his friends who then rape him and make him their personal toilet. Thank you very much.

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