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The future king is hypnotized and forced to become a princess by his evil, power hungry sister. But what else does she have planned for the new sissy princess?

TG Caption

“Good morning Mia!” Isabel said cheerily, walking into Mia’s bedroom without so much as a knock. Checking her former brother out from head to toe, she smiled and nodded. “You look perfect. When Duke Harold gets here, he is going to be so pleased with his future bride.”

“This is not fair!” George screamed. “You can’t just marry me to some random man and think I’ll just go along with it. I’m a fucking man for crying out loud, not some simpering little sissy!”

“Could have fooled me sissy.” Isabel smirked, flicking the skirt of the dress George was wearing. “If I recall, you practically begged the King and Queen to become the “Princess” you felt like inside. And now that you are one of the most fairest princesses in the world, it is your duty to mom and dad to marry who they tell you too. For the good of the country and all.” She laughed, not able to help herself.

“Fuck you bitch. I don’t know how you did it, but I know it was you who hypnotized me and made me do what I did! And why?” He paused, trying to control his anger. “Because now that you are the older ‘sister’, you are next in line for the throne. You are evil!”

“Correct on all accounts.” She laughed again, confident in her power. “And if you don’t fall in line and act like the pretty princess that I know you can be, then let’s just say Duke Harold is going to become very acquainted with that lovely little mouth of yours. Understood?”

Final Thoughts

Had fun making this one. Hope you all enjoy!

-Gwyneth Silver

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  1. Something tells me Mia is going to need a lot of spankings to become the prissy princess the kingdom needs her to be!

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