Any news or updates pertaining to my blog will be in this archive. Thanks for reading!

Performance Update

Since my TG Caption return, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that the speed of my site is very lacking. I’ve done everything in my power to increase the speed and performance of my site but in the end it was all for nothing as my host (bluehost) was at fault.

So to rectify the issue I just finished transferring my site to google cloud and instantly my site has become at least twice as fast. Sorry if there were any interruptions to the site.

Now, back to capping!

-Gwyneth Silver

I’m back!

Hi everyone and welcome to my new site. I’m the creator of and have been making TG Captions and TG Videos for years. A lot of my old content can still be found on Pinterest and YouTube.

Why did I abandon and create It’s hard to say really but if I had to nail it down to one thing, it’s that I’m a very creative/organized person and I wanted to start something new and fresh and organized. I’ve created a new caption style for this blog and I really you guys enjoy all the TG Captions I plan to do.

I do plan on making some new TG Videos as well, but I’m gong to focus on my TG Captions until I get into the swing of things again. I’m gonna shoot for 2-3 captions a week so I don’t get burned out. I used to binge create captions and the quality was just not up to my standard.

Anyways enough talking, I’m off to create some captions. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the blog!

-Gwyneth Silver