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Tim is feminized and turned into a woman by his scorned wife. But what does she have in store for her less than faithful husband?

TG Caption

“And here he is.” Amy smiled, noticing the look of amusement on her client’s face. “I take it you like his new, feminized look?”

“Oh, very much so.” Tina laughed, stepping up close to her former husband. Noticing the blank look on his face, she turned to Amy. “Does he even know what’s going on?”

“Very much so. He is like a prisoner in his own mind. He can hear, see and feel, but he has no control over his own body.” Snapping her fingers, she issued a command. “Tim, strike a pose.”

As Tina watched, Tim put his hand on his hips and struck a pose. Snapping her fingers, she gave a command of her own. “Tim, I want you to continue to pose, but I give you control of that pretty little mouth of yours.”

Instantly, Tim’s face went from smiling to sneering. “You fucking bitch! You’re going to…”

“Tim, shut up and smile like a good little princess.” Tina interrupted, smiling in satisfaction at his immediate compliance. “You should never have cheated on me dear. But don’t worry, I’ll put all your money to good use. And if it makes you feel any better… I’ve found a nice man for you to settle down with.”

Final Thoughts

Changed up the look of my caption template. Made the background smaller so I could have more room to write. Hope you all like it.


-Gwyneth Silver

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